The William Marshal in Ireland Tour is a journey into the medieval past.

William Marshal was one of the greatest knights who ever lived in the Middle Ages. He started life with modest means, and rose through the ranks of Normans to become a wealthy landed knight and the 1st Earl of Pembroke. He served four Plantagenet Kings (Henry II, Henry the Younger, Richard the Lionheart & King John) and one powerful queen (Eleanor of Aquitaine). Loyal to a fault, he was well respected among his fellow barons for his diplomacy, strength of will, and prowess in war.

Known primarily as a Norman (French) knight, the details of William Marshal’s life in Ireland are somewhat obscure to the general public. Indeed, very few know that when he assumed the mantle “Earl of Leinster,” the Marshal family spent almost a decade building up their holdings in Southeastern Ireland.

On this trip you’ll learn the history of the colorful de Clare family, visit Marshal castles in Kilkenny, Ferns & Carlow, and explore modern-day medieval towns. No visit to this region would be complete without a visit to the stunning Tintern Abbey (minor), a Cistercian abbey founded by William Marshal after he survived a stormy sea crossing from Wales.


William Marshal Tours Jerpoint Abbey

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