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The mission of William Marshal Tours is to create immersive travel experiences that result in life-changing relationships with the places and peoples and cultures we visit. Together we will explore & connect with heritage sites during the day and relax & contemplate what we’ve experienced in the evenings. At every turn you’re encouraged to learn about the past, explore new cultures & cuisines, and make meaningful connections with locals and your fellow travelers. Our goal is to create travel memories you will remember for the rest of your life!


You can expect the unexpected on our tours! Each tour will include a combination of these signature elements:

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VIP Arrivals & Departures

We understand that international travel can be exhausting and disorienting; therefore, guests will enjoy a VIP welcome at their arriving airport, unique welcome reception & dinner, and traditional farewell dinner.

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Heritage & Learning

Our carefully curated history tours do not skimp on the history! Guests will learn about history & heritage, anthropology & archaeology, visit museums & art galleries, as well as participate in scholarly exchanges.

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Active & Engaged

We encourage guests to be active and engaged while on tour. Wherever possible, we provide opportunities for guests to go walking, hiking, sailing, horse trekking, even hot air ballooning. The sky’s the limit!

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Authentic, Local Cuisine

Sampling the local cuisine is a lot of fun! Guests will have opportunities to explore local dishes in relaxed environments. Other activities may include cooking classes, wine/cider/beer tasting, and visits to farmers’ markets & small family farms.

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Relax & Connect

Escorted motorcoach tours that span multiple days can be taxing on the mind, body, and spirit; therefore, we build extra time into the itinerary to relax and connect. Optional excursions may include quiet time alone, group leisure activities, and spa treatments.

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Live Like a Local

Guests are encouraged to interact with local communities as much as possible. We recommend slowing down the pace of travel and spending quality time with your new local friends. Oftentimes, they are just as excited to spend time with you!

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Patronage & Support

We’ve partnered with local communities to provide a uniquely immersive experience for our clients. Guests are invited to support the local economy by browsing local arts and crafts shops, attend artisan demonstrations and craft fairs (time-permitting, of course).

Chief Time Traveler


I’m an unrepentant bibliophile, history geek, and travel junkie. I cut my teeth on romance novels in my teens, and graduated to encyclopedias and history books as a young adult. I eventually earned a Masters degree in history from UC Berkeley and began my love affair with the past.

I became a major William Marshal fangirl after reading Elizabeth Chadwick’s book, The Greatest Knight in 2006. I admired the Marshal for his good humor, loyalty, fortitude, and his ability to always do the right thing in the face of adversity. I had the pleasure of walking in his footsteps during a recent solo trip to Ireland and Wales. It was incredibly moving to see the impact he had on the development of these regions. The experience was so life-changing that I started William Marshal Tours a few months later.

I decided that I want to share these amazing experiences with you! Can you imagine walking the battlements of Pembroke Castle in Wales? Or how about visiting his effigy at Temple Church in London? Or maybe you’d enjoy donning medieval attire and attending a jousting tournament? These are just a few examples of the experiences you can expect to enjoy as we travel the world in his footsteps!